Here we are

[Well that went about as good as I expected. This old fucker is working off that ring rust. I know, you folks have heard this same shit for weeks with all the other dick beaters on the roster. I get it, but this is the monster that fuckers here fear. Yea, he doesn’t win week in and out, but there is not one person that is here now, or ever, that will not say that when you square up with him, he will make sure that you feel the match for days and days after. Don’t sweat kids, gearing up is what he does.]


Kostoff: What a few weeks eh?


(A slight chill hits your skin. A dimly lit room with the sound of a tv mumbling something in the background is heard. He steps into the scene wearing a pair of basketball shorts. Couple bruises cover his body as he cracks his neck and smiles.)


Kostoff: Felt good. Not gonna lie, it felt good as fuck.


(He grins slightly.)


Kostoff: The outcome was half ok, I beat Duck….no offense son that was not a shocker. If I dropped the match to ya it would have been a shocker.


Kostoff: Then I dropped the second, but it be what it be.


(He sighs and runs is hand over his bald head. Closing his eyes he takes in the cool morning air.)


Kostoff: So, Lee. Let’s just cut the shit mother fucker.


(He opens his eyes and glares into the camera.)


Kostoff: We both know why I signed that contract to be here. You and I have unfinished business. You and I have history son, and we know that there is no reason to go through it again. We all know the pure fucking hell we have put each other through and we both know that with me here, we have agreed to open that doorway to hell one last time.


Kostoff: I know that when the ink dried your boy was shocked. Hell, he thought I was dead. Hell both ya thought I was dead….probably hoped is a far better feeling..but…


(He smiles ever so slightly)


Kostoff: Here I am. So let’s just get to the point fuckface.


Kostoff: Send me into whatever match it is. Send me to face whoever want and have to. I’m gonna get my hands on you again and I am going to hurt you in ways that you forgot can be done. I will end your worthless life Lee.


Kostoff: Until then tho…


(He walks to a chair and sits down in it. Looking around he nods.)


Kostoff: Let’s look at the one and only title I never have held here…the ICON title. I mean, I am the original Icon here. I am the original badman here. So it is about fitting I actually make a move for the title. Why not? I have beaten former title holders of it here. And that was fun.


Kostoff: Imagine what I will do when I get the idea to make a move for it? Hell, it could be as glorious as when your Cubs did something worth a fuck.


(Shrugging, he gets up from the chair.)


Kostoff: We’ll see I guess. Time will come and we will see how this shit all shakes out.


Kostoff: Until then, Lee….my cycloptic friend…sleep with that eye open boy…I’ll be everywhere. I’ll fucking haunt your miserable life day in and day out. I’ll keep on coming after ya til you get your bitch ass in the ring with me. We are going to end this Lee. One of us are going to leave feet first mother fucker. Mark….My….Words..




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