A Battle For Something ICONIC

Location: Houston, Texas: The Stevens Household
April 24, 2019, 9:30 AM

It is a beautiful day outside today with the sun shining brightly in the clear blue sky compared the last couple of days with nothing but a cloudy overcast making everything look dark and grey, like someone’s mood. As the rays of light pour over the horizon and slowly descend through a window to illuminate a room that is a treasure chest of history from awards and accolades that litter the walls of a storied career anyone would be jealous to have. As the light continues to purge the last remaining embers of darkness in the room the light begins to reflect off of the trophies in the room and off of one particular trophy…..


Is blurted out in annoyance as Scott Stevens hides his eyes from the brightness reflecting off of a championship he had been gazing at.

“Stupid light.”

The Texan says as he rubs until his emerald eyes can see again and gaze upon the beauty that is the ICON Championship.

“Beautiful isn’t it?’

Stevens asks as he continues to stare at the ICON title’s golden glare and a rare smile forms over the Texan’s lips.

“They say everyone remembers their first time and this was the first title I ever won in High Octane Wrestling.”

Stevens says with a slow nod.

“This title will always have special meaning for me more than anyone could know unless they have been in my shoes.”

Stevens says as he leans in and reads the date.

“November, 15, 2012. The day I defeated Scottywood for it.”

He says with a smirk before slowly walking to his left.

“Since my loss to Lindsay Troy I’ve had time to step away and focus on things not wrestling related. The kids enjoyed their Easter Egg Hunt and my father enjoyed his birthday over the Easter holiday. Had time to go to church for the first time in awhile and while I was listening to the pastor I realized I shouldn’t dwell on the negative and try to focus on the positive, and no, the positive wasn’t accepting ChristPlow as my Lord and Savior.”

Stevens says with a chuckle before continuing.

“The positive was in the form of the ICON title.”

Stevens says with a nod.

“I know it’s hard to understand how a single championship can change a person’s perspective, but it can because that championship helped not only shape my HOW career but it damn well defined it and there are some people in this company who have the opportunity to challenge for that prestigious championship and they consider it as if the championship is utter garbage or it’s beneath them.”

Stevens says as he lets out a sigh of frustration.

“You see, I take great offense to that especially when it is coming from two individuals that shouldn’t fucking speak on really anything.”

Stevens says flustered as he begins to grit his teeth.

“”Mr. Cool” himself, Cancer Jiles, said he wouldn’t be participating because he’s doesn’t want to lose again.”

Stevens says as he shakes his head.

“Or was it because it because he thinks it’s a set up by Lee?”

Stevens asks with a puzzled look.

“Or because he doesn’t want to be tea-bagged again by Dan Ryan?”

Stevens says with a shrug.

“However, when things get tough quitting is Jiles’ M-O.”

Stevens says as he glances to the side.

“Tell me I’m wrong Jiles. Tell me I’m full of shit and prove me wrong and win the battle royal and win your first ever championship in High Octane Wrestling. Oh, I forgot, you won the tag titles before……but how could you have won the championship when Scottywood just handed you the other tag back and you were like is fifth partner is his tag title reign?”

Stevens asks before shrugging.

“Enjoy sitting in the background Jiles because that’s what you’re mainly good at and if you don’t pan out because you never pan out we can call back The Embosser to help you depart HOW again like last time when he cracked your skull like a walnut.”

Stevens says with a devilish grin before it disappears.

“And the person I’m surprised that’s not taking this battle royal seriously and thinking it is beneath him is a former ICON champion and current OCW….(sigh) Megastar, Cecilworth Farthington.”

Stevens says as he walks towards a picture before stopping.

“Farthington, I know you’ve always been a few hundreds short of a grand, but what the fuck man?”

Stevens blurts out taking offense to the disrespect shown to the ICON championship.

“You held this championship and you’re going to disrespect it like that? I know you’ve changed your tune recently as if you were struck by a lightning bolt from Zeus himself, but the damage as already been done. When you won the championship you EARNED it when you defeated Jace, but after that hardly anyone remembers it because you became a paper champion in the literal sense when you defended it against the weakest of competition. Your reign as champion was as forgetful as your time away in UTAH. I honestly don’t know what’s worse, you faking your own suicide to avoid getting your ass kicked by Tara or you losing to Austin Reeves? Either way Mr. Megastar it’s pretty pathetic.”

Stevens says before a smile slowly forms over the Texan’s face as he looks at a picture of him with his hand raised high and the ICON Championship raised in the other.

“You see, the ICON Championship is a sink or swim championship because just because you win it doesn’t mean you have “arrived” in HOW.”

Stevens says shaking his head no.

“The ICON title has been held by some people that never capitalized on their opportunity and sunk faster than the Titanic. However, when you are able to capitalize and seize that opportunity the ICON championship has become more valuable than the World championship. Don’t believe me? Ask Mr. Five Time himself. Mike Best had won multiple World and ICON championships before his fifth reign, but his fifth reign was very special because IT was the championship to have and he was the champion to beat. Mike set the record for most reigns and most defenses of not just that title, but all active HOW championships at that time. Whether you like him or not, he made the ICON championship more valuable than the world title. He set the bar high and the next group of champions didn’t disappoint. John Sektor returned to HOW with a new handlebar mustache and enough bronzer to look like a walking penny and when he held it he was The Gold Standard that all HOW champions should’ve molded themselves to imitate. Hell, it took Jace Parker Davidson to find his niche again and once he did he became ICON champion and conquered everyone in his path.”

Stevens says before holding up a finger.

“The ICON championship is a championship that can and has reinvented and revitalized careers, but the most important thing you need to know when you have become an ICON champion and that’s never judge a book by its cover. Mike Best is guilty of this multiple whether it was Adonis Smythe, myself, or Scottywood. Just because you’ve beaten an opponent multiple times in other matches doesn’t mean you’re going to win every time unless you’re David Black facing Christopher America or myself against Rhys Townsend.”

Stevens says with a smirk before continuing.

“When Mike lost the championship he was dethroned by Scottywood, and not to take anything away from Scottywood but Mike had made him his bitch more than once and Mike saw it as a tune up before Rumble at the Rock. Mike was more concerned with establishing himself as the longest reigning champion by breaking Max’s record than on the task at hand when Scotty had quietly been on a winning streak and the distraction of owning every ICON record cost Mike the title. I even fell into this trap because I had just come off of a match of the year caliber match when Rhys Townsend and I tore ICONIC down and I thought I was invincible, but my good buddy John Sektor showed me otherwise. Now, I didn’t over look John or underestimate him I just thought I was better because I was the champ and I learned the hard way when I was defeated. However, that defeat pushed me even more just like it took me many months being the Lonesome Loser before I found my way to winning the world title. That loss to Sektor gave me a hunger inside that couldn’t be satisfied until I had defeated him and regained the ICON championship. That hunger grew more and more with each passing day when he remained undefeated in his return and during his reign as champion because when I did defeat him that victory was all the more sweeter.”

Stevens says as he points to the picture.

“The ICON Championship is a title that is much more than names or statistics attached to it because it’s a one of a kind championship that speaks to all wrestlers no matter who you are or what style you are and it is a honor and a privilege to hold this prestigious championship. Hell, even some of you that are competing in the match still don’t get it and that what drove me to quit being sorry for myself and become ICON champion with the fourth time.”

Stevens says as he holds up four fingers.

“Jonny O’Dell is too busy enjoying the psychedelic experience of doing peyote and thinking of naked Shane Reynolds hard, throbbing cock instead of the ICON championship. Jonny, I know you’ve been down on your luck the last fifteen years but trying to be like Silent Witness isn’t the way to go. Begging for pesos and doing drugs will give you a one way ticket to UTAH wrestling under a shitty name like Samuel Owens.”

Stevens says with a shutter.

“There is help Jonny. If Sektor can get clean than so can you but to be ICON champion you have to embrace being ICONIC.”

Stevens says with a smile and nod.

“And speaking of my buddy Sektor, good luck against Mike.”

The Texan says with a salute.

“As Jonny contemplates being clean there are others that could surprise everyone and become champion. Chris Diamond put people on notice when he won his first championship and he could have a repeat performance if he happens to win the battle royal. Hell, newly signee, James “Black Mamba” Ranger could make his mark and become champion. He is completely capable of doing so and if we come face to face in the battle royal the endgame will be Mamba losing another eye because he stands in my way of reclaiming my championship!”

Stevens says as he clutches his fists.

“I’m surprised Doozer made an appearance because he has virtually been a no-show everywhere he’s gone, but if that Egg Bandit does show up I’m going to leave him scrambled with yolk all over his face. Speaking of eggs I’ll cook some for breakfast…..”

Stevens becomes distracted momentarily before getting back on topic.

“Two Hall of Famers along with one tag specialist and HOW legend are looking to either win the championship for the first time or have a reign that lasts longer than a week. Mario is a very capable and dangerous opponent when he puts his mind and talents, but Mario can pull a Mario and get overly cocky and that usually is his downfall. Bobbinette Carey wants to bring home a shiny new toy for her baby to play with a capture a title she’s come close to winning but Crow and Naked Shane Reynolds prevented that. I know you have stuff building up in you Carey and I don’t mean your breast milk, but that fire to win a championship you haven’t won because I have that same desire as well when it comes to titles that were retired before I could’ve won them or completing the triple crown of HOW and if you don’t bring that fire I’m going to stomp out whatever embers that flicker until you’re no more.”

Stevens says bluntly.

“The one Hall of Famer I’m looking forward to throwing hands with is Frankenstein himself, Chris Kostoff. Kostoff made it clear he wants the ICON championship and this is the Kostoff I want to face. I’ve beaten Kostoff before but that wasn’t a motivated Kostoff because a motivated Kostoff powerbombs you through the floor of the Roman Coliseum and has you waking from a coma thinking you a Jesus three days later.”

Stevens informs people of the damage Kostoff can inflict.

“I’m ready for a fight.”

Stevens says as he holds up his fists.

“Oh, I almost forgot……We have another Hall of Famer and HOW legend in Darkwing and David Black in the battle royal as well, but they actually have to show up to the Yuengling Center for me to worry or care about them.”

Stevens says with a shrug.

“Lastly, of all the people that is signed to the company is Dan Ryan…..Mr. Ryan, where have you been? You been active on Twitter, but you can’t seem to find the time to give me, this championship, or this company a moment of your time? Apparently you’re the big swinging dick from DEFIANCE Wrestling because everyone from Eric Dane, Lindsay Troy, and Jiles has been riding it since you signed on the dotted line. However, based on your performance….or lack thereof, you’re more of a Jiles than an Eric Dane and I just don’t see the hype. Maybe you’ll prove me wrong and eliminate me from the battle royal and become the new champion, but seeing is believing and right now you’re more of a figment of Jonny O’Dell’s hallucinations than becoming the new ICON champion.”

Stevens says as he gazes one last time at the ICON championship.

“At Refueled Two, something ICONIC is going to take place and I don’t mean when John Sektor retires Mike Best.

Stevens shakes his head.

“Refueled Two is going to become ICONIC when I become ICON Champion for the fourth time.”

Stevens informs as the scene fades.

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