High Octane Television comes to terms with….

Valor Pro Wrestling, an independent wrestling company gaining steam on the circuit as it tours Europe, Asia and now Africa, has signed on to become just the second affiliate of HOTv, the television arm of recently refueled High Octane Wrestling. As has been reported in several trades, Valor Pro Wrestling’s flagship show Blitz had recently been removed from FITEtv where it had aired for the past several months due to controversial content the programmer felt didn’t align with the streamer’s values. The deal couldn’t have come sooner, with Valor Pro’s thirteenth edition of Blitz set to roll on sunday regardless of whether a broadcast deal could be reached. Rumored eleventh hour negotiations between HOW’s Lee Best and Valor Pro’s GM Vanessa Byrne were said to have yielded agreement only after several key demands on the behalf of Valor were removed from the table.

Vanessa Byrne released a statement alongside news of the signing, “Valor Pro is proud to announce a broadcast partnership with HOTv stretching well into the foreseeable future as well as providing exciting future opportunities for all the affiliated federations. Valor Pro feels that with HOTv’s proven track record of providing top notch entertainment, Valor can continue to entertain its burgeoning fanbase with content audiences have come to expect from both brands without needless censorship or pussyfooting.”

HOWrestling.com then reached out to Lee Best who had this to say about the signing:

“HOTv provides a platform for wrestling companies to do what they WANT when they WANT without having to worry about bullshit censors or sponsorship deals being won or lost based on the product they put out. That is why I started HOTv many years ago and that is why it is still relevant today……it allows companies their wrestlers to be exactly who the fuck they want to be”

Look for more High Octane news this week as we head into the second show of the Refueled Era.

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