Mike Best: The Enemy!

"We talked about the battles. But who is going to win the WAR?"



The difference between a rival and an enemy, is an enemy usually implies a threat. I’ve always felt threatened by you Michael. Everyone else was either a rival, or a mere opponent.


I, I’ve never really hated you. The only thing I’ve ever hated, is how good you are. Which is a compliment really, if you think about it. For the best part of my career, here in High Octane Wrestling, I have always viewed you as THE man to beat. You have always found a way to claw yourself back to the top. Even when you didn’t hold a title, everyone’s eyes remained fixated on you because you made sure your presence was felt.


Now I’ve had some great rivalries in my time. Jatt Starr was perhaps my first, great, rival in High Octane Wrestling, long before you came along. Now that, had hatred. He literally made me watch as he stripped my ex-wife naked and beat her live on television. That fuelled me to go on and beat him to earn myself my very first World championship in HOW.


Shane Reynolds. In the early parts of my career he was the man for me to beat, and I never could. He seemed to always have my number. As the years rolled on I was able to beat him at March to Glory, retaining the HOW World championship and prove without a doubt that I was, then, better than he was.


You’ve had some great rivalries too. Your rivalry with Christopher America, at the beginning of your career, is the stuff of legends, and arguably his defining chapter. Your World title matches with Rhys Townsend, were some of the greatest spectacles of technical wrestling I have ever witnessed. And you know, I regard myself as one of the greatest technical wrestlers of my generation.


If I’m being a hundred percent honest, I was jealous, of your rivalry with Townsend. I would look around at my opponents and realise that I never had that. I had some great opponents. David Black. Professor Keller. Even Scott Stevens gave me some great matches. But I wanted what you and Townsend had.


I soon realised, I wanted YOU!


And eventually I got you.


I know you like to brag about the statistics of our battles, Michael. It wasn’t the back and forth series that you and Townsend had. What’s the count again? Six and one, in your favour? The fact that you constantly remind me of those numbers only tells me how proud you are that you were able to achieve them. You hold a numerical advantage over John Sektor. So thank you for regarding me so highly. It’s nice to know that my greatest rival and enemy holds me on such a high pedestal and thus includes our match count in his list of accolades and accomplishments.


For me, there were only ever two of those matches that ever really mattered. The first of which was March to Glory. I had worked my way through the Lee Best Invitational and won it to earn my chance at facing you for your World championship. I remember standing in the tunnel, of the gladiators entrance, of the Roman Colosseum, looking around at the ruins where so many great battles had took place. Where blood had soaked its way into the foundations, leaving behind the DNA of history. Now it was our turn to make history. I remember thinking..no..knowing that I was going to beat you.


I was desperate, Mike. Hungry and desperate to become the top man. I wanted to be the best and begin creating my claim towards an induction into the Hall of Fame, which you were already well on your way to doing.


You gave me one of the greatest matches of my life. I could feel your desperation mirroring my own. I could sense you were surviving. I will never forget the look in your eyes as I straddled your chest and held a rock above your head. I was picturing your skull cracking like an egg as I brought it down with all the force I could muster, feeling the rock bounce off the bone in my hand.


I’m glad it didn’t kill you, Mike. Honestly. Or else we wouldn’t be here now, on the verge of creating history once again. But I was prepared to kill you..to take what I wanted.


I imagine that hurt, losing to me. It was the only time you ever did, so I suppose that eats away at you. Jatt Starr proudly created an ‘Undefeated Against Darkwing,’ title so that he could boast his dominance over another legend of the industry. You have a gauntlet. You rode a lion. You shaved your own initial into your facial hair because you are a man who enjoys the symbolism of your own successes. But you will never hold a perfect score over me.


You had your moment of redemption though, the following War Games. The two of us proudly captained our teams and were the final two men standing as the Best Arena began to collapse around us. Neither of us had anything left in the tank. We traded, tired and desperate, punches, taking turns to swing haymakers at one another. You couldn’t have wrote the story more beautifully if you tried. Yet it was you, who landed that final punch and was left standing with the championship, leaving me there to die.


It still haunts me. I would have loved to have had a War Games victory in my list of accomplishments, combined with another victory over the great, Mike Best.


But you can’t win’em all..


But I truly believe, even if you don’t, that our rivalry and our story is the greatest. At the end of this story, it will be THE greatest, and you soon will learn why.


But Michael, as I’ve said before, our careers have always run parallel to one another. You have an Icon title reign. I have an Icon title reign. You have a World title reign, I have a World title reign. And it is so fitting, that you and I were entered into the Hall of Fame together. I had no issues sharing the spotlight with you, and I don’t recall you ever complaining either. You, had helped me earn my place in the Hall of Fame. Championships can only do so much. Great opponents and historical matches are what really defines a career.  


People try to tarnish your Legacy by claiming that you only seemed to achieve greatness from the moment you changed your surname to Best. Some of that is true. You did, certainly, start your Hall of Fame career the second you became the so called “son of God.”


But fuck anyone who tries to throw that in your face, Mike. You still had to compete. You still had to have that hunger and desire. You still had to win. If anything, Lee was harder on you than any of us. Like a chick breaking out on a egg, he knew you had to go through the struggle if you were to ever be taken seriously and learn to survive on your own.


As I have said, I have faced some of the greatest legends and defeated may Hall of Famers. But you are the greatest of them all. You are the only man I have ever truly feared in the ring. I have been jealous of you. I have hated how much I have envied you.


But I have never wanted to be you.


I simply, wanted to be better than you.


You may argue that you were the better World champion because you have held it more times than me. I would counter that by claiming that I have had longer and more successful World title reigns. You claim that you are the greatest Icon champion of all time? No, scratch that, you call yourself THE Icon. Yet, I hold the record for the longest reign and joint most title defences.


I’m not saying for certain that I am better than you in any way shape or form. I have my own opinions, but ultimately it isn’t for us to decide. I know the two of us have always claimed that we don’t care what the fans or our peers really think. But that’s a lie isn’t it? We both yearn to be adored and to be held in such high regard. I go about my business quietly, trying to break records whilst you scream for attention on twitter every day, claiming you’re the best, but most importantly? Backing up those claims with results!


You asked me which version of John Sektor you will be getting? The Junkie washout or the ‘wrestling Machine?’ I know which version you want. You want me at my best. You wouldn’t be satisfied losing to some ‘junkie washout.’ You want to be able to log into twitter and announce to the world that you, yet again, beat John Sekor at his best and notch that tally up to seven and one.


I have been working, none-stop, since my match with Farthington so that I can give you that Michael. You’ve seen that I have entered the HOW ‘wellness program.’ That wasn’t just for me, but for you!


If this is to be your last match then you deserve at least that. I have been training every day, lifting weights again, running circuits and studying our old matches. My muscles are feeling a little firmer than they were a few weeks ago. I’m not the prized physical specimen I was when we last fought, but it’s the best I can do in such a short space of time. I wish that we were meeting in the final of this tournament, perhaps then I could be even better for you. Having the added stipulation of the World title being on the line would be the perfect mark of punctuation at the end of our story.


But I promise you Mike, I will give everything I have.


In the end, I think this story finishes with the verdict on who the better man is, Michael. This match could be your final match if you uphold your promise.


You have claimed that, when you lose, in this tournament you will retire from High Octane Wrestling. As if  the World title and notching up another win over you wasn’t enough of an incentive, I now have this added reason to beat you at Refueled Two.


Michael Lee Best you have given me the opportunity to hold the honour of being the man that retires Mike Best from the High Octane ring. The ring were, for so many years, you have been the man to beat. I can potentially put an end to your career and say once and for all..


..John Sektor, is the better man!


Wow. I mean, what an honour. I’m not being sarcastic, Michael. That is literally the biggest fucking honour I could ever hope to have. I have done it all. I have won every title I want to win, I have been a grand slam champion, I have won the LBI, and I am a Hall of Famer. Being the man to retire Mike Best would literally allow me to DIE a happy man.


So, thank you.


But wait, what’s in this for you? Okay, we both have the incentive of pursuing yet another World title reign. But you have given me this added incentive. Don’t you deserve something?


In fact, YES! FUCK YOU, Mike! How dare you try to once again steal all the thunder for yourself. This match isn’t just about, YOU! Fucking typical that you would try to make me feel like a fucking stepping stone. I now need to up the ante in this match. I am a gambler, after all.


No, Mike. I’m not going to wager my Hall of Fame ring. Unlike that OCW dick head, I have too much respect for it. I have worked too hard my whole life, sacrificing my own family to achieve it. I can’t simply pawn it like it’s some kind of trivial piece of jewelry. When all this is over, it may be all that I have left to remind me that I was once good at something.


So sorry, you won’t be adding my ring to your golden Gauntlet.


No. You put your career on the line?


I, will put MY, career on the line!


That’s right, you heard me. If you beat me at Refueled Two? Then I will retire. Not just from High Octane Wrestling. I said I was upping the ante and I fucking meant it! I will retire from WRESTLING!


This isn’t a knee jerk decision. I’ve been thinking about it long and hard. I’ve slept on it. I’ve chewed on it. I’ve allowed myself time to digest it and considered life afterwards should I lose.


And I’m okay with it.


If I lose and I’m out of that tournament then I know I no longer have a place in this sport. I’m forty years old, now. For some wrestlers, they are only just entering their prime at forty. But not me. I know my prime has come and gone. It has to end sometime.


Only YOU deserve this honour. This is the last time I will ever face you and you are the only man who I respect enough to allow to retire me. If I beat you, then I will continue through the tournament and hopefully go all the way to become champion again. Again, you deserve to lose to the man who goes on to win the whole fucking thing.


But if I lose the next match? Or the match after that? Then I won’t retire. As I said, no other man deserves that honour in my mind. It has to be YOU! When I finally decide to retire, it will be quietly and in my own way.


So here it is Mike. Your only opportunity to end the career of the man who could oppose you for being the greatest wrestler in the history of HOW. Take it, if you can.


Just know, that I will now be fighting for more than just the title. I will be fighting for my own survival. I don’t want to stop wrestling. Not at all. It’s the only thing I’ve ever known how to do. The moment I stop wrestling is the moment I may as well die. I’ve spent the last three years trying to kill myself because without wrestling I have NOTHING!


I have to ask, however. How will you cope if you were to lose? Can you really handle being retired by John Sektor? Can you handle the ammo that arms all the wrestlers you regard as peasants on twitter with, who you enjoy trolling on a daily basis?


Your ego has exploded Mike. I even wonder if you made this retirement stipulation because you honestly think you are a God now. God’s can’t die. God’s can’t lose. But YOU can, Mike. I can beat you. I’ve done it before and I can do it again and you will have to face the world and take it on the chin if John Sektor retires you.


I certainly hope it plays out that way.


For me, win or lose, it will bring an end to the greatest story ever told. No matter what anyone else believes, I truly believe that the story of Mike Best Vs John Sektor will be the greatest story, now, with the greatest ending.


The ending will be bitter sweet. One of us will retire, and wrestling loses another legend.


For one of us it’s the ultimate bragging rights.  


The one piece of you I will never beat, Mike, is your mouth. I won’t even try to fight you with words. And I’ve just given you a nuclear bomb to play with.


All I’m doing is what I’m good at, which is telling a story.


I will bring everything I have. I will dig deeper than I have ever dug before. I will not be stopped until every ounce of energy and oxygen in my cells has been depleted. I will do whatever it takes to beat you, Mike! You asked for it. You’re going to get it!


Or I will die trying.


We talked about the battles. But who is going to win the WAR?


My parting gift to you is allowing you to have the final word before we lock horns on May 3rd.


You’re welcome!


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