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Missing Tramp

I could smell him getting off the elevator..

We’d say it’s ‘breaking news’ and absolutely groundbreaking/must-know information but there’s nothing else being reported. So it’s either we document this or talk about an Alaskan bear that can apparently play the trumpet.

Ok, so rumour has it is that ‘The Fabulous One’ Jonny O’Dell has been reported missing. The appropriate authorities have been contacted it is led to believe and his Mam remains worried.

O’Dell is an elderly vulnerable man who experienced ‘the ultimate high’ last weekend at Refueled One. Having the opportunity and downright pleasure of performing in a HOW ring again. Though, close family members (..his mam) fear about ‘the ultimate low’. Much bigger than if you would drink three straight Monster energy drinks off the bounce.

Do us a favour, if you see him… tell him to call his mam. Fucking knew we should of reported the bastard bear.

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