Sektor Enters HOW Wellness Program

Here at we have received news that HOW Hall of Famer, John Sektor has recently visited the HOW wellness centre and entered into a rehabilitation program. Sektor’s drug habits have become public knowledge as of late and lead to many critics believing that he shouldn’t be allowed to compete. We were able to reach Sektor for these comments:

“It’s no secret that I’m a heroin addict. No one needs to be bored with the why’s or wherefores. But after my victory against Cecilworth Farthington at Refueled I now have a very clear vision for myself and my future in this business. I was once known as the ‘Gold Standard.’ If I am to ever be held in that kind of regard again I need to be clean and I hope that the HOW wellness program can help me achieve this. One thing is for sure, If I am to beat Mike Best, I have to be at my own best to even stand a chance.”

We wish John Sektor well in his pursuit of recovery and, as I’m sure most people would agree, his match with Mike Best at Refueled II will be one for the history books.

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