Road to recovery

(Inside of a house you hear a tv going. The camera lights up a room that has him sitting on a couch. Taking a sip of water, he looks at the tv screen. Playing on his screen is “The Dirt”. He shakes his head and sighs. Placing the glass of water down on the table in front of him, he leans forward.)


Kostoff: Duck, where ya at kid? You gonna show up boy?


(He places his hands on his knees.)


Kostoff: Ya know, I don’t care. You show you show man. You no show, well then you bail on HOW again. This wouldn’t be the first time. You have run from here before. I know you will not own up to it and I get it. You need to understand that right now, you are not really my main focus.


Kostoff: See, the bigger fish to fry is going to be the old faithful. Lee. Maybe he failed to remember that we hate each other. I hope he didn’t forget, I mean how much of a shock would it be if I caught him napping and i destory him where he stands.


(Getting up from his couch, he slowly makes his way across the room. He walks to a sliding glass door and looks out at his backyard. Letting out a sigh he leans his head against the glass.)


Kostoff: This house used to he filled with folks. This house used to he filled with enjoyment.


Kostoff: Now, sorrow. Anger. Rage.


(He pushes off the glass and slowly turns around.)


Kostoff: You see, duck…at this point not much matters to me. Yeah I am still all in on the violence and the blood and the pain. At the end of the day I am still the same person with bloodlust coursing through my veins. I still get off on it. The idea of hurting someone and watching them bleed is still something that gets me worked up.


Kostoff: And the first victim is you duck. You are in my way to me finally finishing up what was started oh so long ago. You are in the path of the runaway train that is going to end up going to hell and back to get to that one person I have needed to hurt more than anyone else in my life.


(He smiles and leans into the camera.)


Kostoff: Duck. See ya soon kid. Lee, be ready.

(He begins to laugh as he walks down the hallway.)


[See, I knew this was going to happen. That fateful night when he was left for dead, he should have been put down. Letting him get back up and allowing him to be who he has always been…well that is a mistake. A mistake that not one person on this roster wants to deal with.]


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