Ignorance Blinds the Obvious

April 8th is the return of it all….the return of High Octane Wrestling in all of its glory.  You’ve got some big names and Hall of Famers returning for the next era in all of HOW.  The refueled era will be a memorable one and it will be memorable right off the bat as we kick it off with a tournament.  There’s nothing more better than to kick off a new era with a tournament.  Everyone loves tournaments…unless your name is Mike Best.  I swear that man really hates tournaments…but that’s beside the point.  I, however, happen to love them.  But this tournament is a little bit different for me.


I was HOW’s last High Octane World Champion before it closed its doors and here we all have a number of people trying to win MY championship!  I mean, I appreciate the sentiment guys and how many of you guys have come out to fight in this tournament or out of retirement, but I’m sadly going to have to inform you all that you’re wasting your time.  I didn’t sign up for this tournament and come back to lose in this tournament.  I honestly don’t care who the fuck I have to plow through in this tournament, I will be the only one standing at the very end again and holding that HOW World Championship high up over my shoulders and knocking all contenders into no contenders.  But to do that, it all starts with knocking down the first competitor that stands in front of me.  Looks like that’s going to either be Kostoff or Duck.


I’ve got news for you Kostoff…you’re going to breeze your way into a second round match against me and that will actually bode better for you.  It’s best that you have all your energy in one place when you take me on.  It doesn’t look like Duck is going to show up to the party.  I wouldn’t blame him either.  He probably got really confused when he saw that he was facing you.  He probably thought that it was one massive fucking joke since everyone thought you were dead.  I mean, if I weren’t in on the whole seeing you come back thing, I probably would have been confused and not shown up either.  However, that is my HOW World Championship and I do have more recent validation than Duck so here I am and apparently he is not.


But let’s be real here, Kostoff.  You and I both know each other…perhaps a little better than you and Duck know each other.  You and I had our own battles before we both popped up in HOW and revolutionized it in our own ways.  I have nothing but respect for the career you laid out for yourself here in High Octane Wrestling and that would have been perfect enough a career to hang up the boots and call it a career, but you didn’t did you Kostoff?  You had to go pick a fight with Mike Best and presumably get yourself killed.  I remember being in that arena when that match happened.  I remembered the bloodshed, the brutality of that match.  I remember Mike had no life behind his eyes when he watched the life drain from yours.  I could feel the personal hatred just because he was all about ending the great Chris Kostoff.  A man who prided himself on hatred and destruction and being destroyed himself.  A man who prided himself on making a man bleed in so many different ways that one would call it supernatural.  Mike made it his mission to end your life not because he didn’t hate you, but because no one could put you down.  After preying on other people’s lives and making it joyful for you to watch the life being oozed from someone’s eyes, Lee send Mike after you to not only finish the job, but to literally finish it….once and for all.  To END your life, to actually KILL you and Mike jumped at the chance to be the one to take the legendary, seemingly immortal Chris Kostoff.  But he didn’t end you, did he?  Mike FAILED to get the job done and he failed to actually kill you.  So does that all of a sudden mean Mike Best is a failure?  To kill a seemingly unkillable man like yourself, a might table that for another day.


You should be happy that you walked away from that fight with Mike Best, alive, Kostoff.  I mean, for fuck sakes, I’M HAPPY you walked away from that fight alive!  You wanna know why, Kostoff?  It means that I get to be the one to end you…once and for all!  The one to end the unbreakable Kostoff.  The one to end the immortal Kostoff.  The one to end the unkillable Kostoff.  I know about your wars with Lee Best, Kostoff.  I know that neither one of you guys ever liked each other.  The scars are apparent by the ones that the two of you left on each other.  However, there won’t be another chapter for Lee Best and Chris Kostoff.  Lee’s a very busy man and I’m sure you know that Lee and I have a good working relationship with each other.  That’s what it is, though, a business relationship.  At the end of the day, we understand what business means.  I mean, for fuck sakes I’ve built an empire on business transactions, and I’ve also built one here in HOW.  Are Lee and I best friends?  No.  We’ve had our own history of conflict between each other but at the end of the day, the whole world we live in is a business and every man has a price and a bargain to offer.  He helps me, I help him.  It’s not just about the money involved, it’s about a partnership and knowing what to do with it.  That is why you’re not going to be walking away from this fight, Kostoff.


This time it’s my turn to take a crack at the ole unkillable man.  This time there won’t be a sunrise for good old Kostoff.  This time I’m going to be the one to finish what Mike Best started and couldn’t finish and put you in the ground for good!  Forget about Duck…you might as well slay him up and roast him over a fucking fire to get some carbs in your system before you step up and face me because that’s exactly what you’re going to need!  One week from tomorrow, our paths will cross for the final time in our careers and I’m going to put you to rest once and for all.  This time I implore you Kostoff…don’t get up.  I don’t want you to try and be a hero in this match.  I don’t want you to try and be a monster and think you can just turn me into another one of your victims, Kostoff.  No.  I want you to be a good monster and stay down this time.  Mike may have missed his opportunity, like he has been for years, but I won’t.  I’ve had that taste on two separate occasions what it’s like to be HOW World Champion.  I don’t intend on letting that go.  Hell, two World Championships helped me build the empire I have in HOW and I don’t intend on letting that crumble to the ground.  I’ve worked too fucking hard to see it burn down!  And I, for one, am not going to let it be some monster of a man who’s lost his god damn mojo!  There’s nothing supernatural left inside you, Kostoff, and I will make for damn sure that I prove that next week and let the whole world to see!  I promise to end you and let the whole world watch as that magic finally is drained out once and for all!


Hollywood’s Mansion

March 31, 2019

6:00 PM


Brian Hollywood: Well there goes my bracket!  I can’t believe the one year I choose Duke to win it all, they fucking have to go and lose to Tom Izzo and the Michigan State Spartans!  Did you know that Tom Izzo is just 1-11 against Mike Kryseski?


Niles Omega: Wow, you don’t say?  I didn’t know you were such a sports guru.


Brian Hollywood: I’m not really.  I just love basketball and football.  Although, if you wanted my opinion, I wouldn’t have brought LeBron James out here to LA.  I just think it’s a waste of fucking money.  The dude didn’t even get LA to the playoffs this year. 


Niles Omega: Well, I don’t personally like LeBron James.  He may be a great basketball player, but the dude has a bad fucking attitude.  Honestly he just have just retired after last year and called it a career.


Brian Hollywood: Well don’t let Buck hear you say that.  He’d probably arrest you for being a racist motherfucker.


The two share a laugh as Hollywood starts to stretch out on his couch.  Niles remembers the conversation the two of them had yesterday and wanted to address Hollywood and see if he could find out more about High Octane Wrestling before bringing up the new business client.


Niles Omega: So you never really got to talk more about this High Octane Wrestling.  I mean, it wasn’t until just recently I even found out you were a wrestler.


Hollywood smirks a bit as he had a feeling Niles would be asking him questions.  Leave it to Niles to ruin the fun.  It wasn’t even that Hollywood didn’t want to talk about High Octane Wrestling, but more on the fact that the more Niles knew, the more he would want to talk about it.  That wasn’t something Hollywood felt comfortable with everyone else.


Brian Hollywood: I don’t know Niles.  But what the fuck…you won’t shut up anyways.  So High Octane Wrestling is a fed I’m apart of and there’s this tournament going on.  It’s a tournament that will crown the next HOW World Champion.  But if you want my input on it, I should already still be HOW World Champion.  I mean, I didn’t lose the championship to begin with.


Niles Omega: I honestly don’t even know how you managed to live a double life all this time.  I mean, your work kept you busy at Hollywood Enterprises.  Which speaking of Hollywood Enterprises, we really need to address this new business client that you mentioned yesterday…you know, the one that you now owe ten thousand dollars to.


Hollywood lets out a laugh.  He knew Niles couldn’t stay on the subject.  Why was he worried about Niles slipping up when he couldn’t even stay focused.


Brian Hollywood: I honestly don’t know why you’re so fucking worried about this new client!  I see it’s not very hard to keep you dancing between subjects though!  Here, how about we change the subject again!  Why don’t we talk about who’s going to win the final four next weekend?  You’re a funny guy, Niles!  Stay classy!


Hollywood lets out a laugh again as he rises from the couch and walks past Niles and proceeds to leave the area and heads to the back deck living Niles behind once again.  Once again, Hollywood dodges the question of the business client for a second time and Niles doesn’t even know why.  Did Hollywood not want anyone to find out about this client?  Was there something that Hollywood was particularly hiding from everyone else?  This was starting to bug Niles more and more but it was something that Niles was going to find out as the scene slowly fades to black…

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