Fuck John Specktor

“You look like shit.”  Jason Chase shakes his head and extends his hand out for a handshake.  TLS grabs his hand and they go for a brohug. “I’ve known you all these years and I have probably seen you without face paint like twice.”

“Feels different.” TLS pulls out an envelope and hands it to Jason Chase.

Jason Chase may be TLS oldest and possibly only friend in the world. Both men started out together in the wrestling business, Chase had some minor success in the iCWF and OCW but ultimately his dream was be a Hollywood actor. Those dreams obviously did not come true as most people have never heard of him, but he has made a name for himself as one of the most sought after stunt doubles in movie business. It’s about 45 degrees in Cleveland but Chase is dressed for the summer . His long blond hair is tied in a man bun, he’s wearing a black slim cut off tee, skinny jean capris, and light blue chuck taylors. TLS as usual is dressed as if he is attending a funeral.  

Chase opens the letter and reads it. He winces as if he feels uncomfortable with what he is reading. He quickly folds the letter and puts it back in the envelope.

“I don’t want to read anymore. What? This is insane.” Chase hands the envelope back to TLS.

“I don’t know who I am anymore.” TLS puts the letter back inside his jacket pocket.  

“So what are we doing here in Cleveland standing in front of Mcgregor Nursing Home?” asks Chase. “ And why all this mystery?”

TLS shakes his head, “ No mystery. I just don’t know where to begin. I don’t remember much about what my mother told me about her family. But I do remember she would often talk about her sister Theresa. Said she worked as a nurse in Indiana. I did some googling and made a list of women who matched her name and age. She would have been the same age as this woman is now, 77. Never married.”

“So we are on a wild goose chase? What are we hoping to find out exactly?” Chase begins to walk towards the entrance of the nursing home.

TLS produces a faint smile, “wild goose chase… wasn’t that the name of your finisher back in the days?”

Chase chuckles, “Yeah it was. How fucking corny.”

Built in 2004, the Mcgregor Senior Living community is a state of the art facility that is located on 32 acres of land in the northeastern part of Cleveland.

The temperature in the facility is always 70 degrees. It is a nice reprieve from the chill of the outside during the cold months and cool during the hot summer months.

“We are looking for a Theresa Jamison.” TLS requests with no hint of friendliness.

Chase nudges him and whispers, “you can at least start with a peasantry.”

The lady at the front desk looks like she could be OCW wrestler Perzag’s mother. Long curly blonde hair, small chubby face, the thin facial hair on her top lip hasn’t been bleached in a couple of weeks.

“I don’t think Mother Theresa is expecting any visitors. Can you gentleman tell me who you are.” the lady forces a smile.

Jason Chase looks at TLS, “Mother Theresa? You said she was in India in the 70s? We are looking for THE Mother Theresa?”

Jason Chase has never been known to be the sharpest knife in the drawer.

The lady at the front desk shoots back, “No she’s not the actual Mother Theresa. But she’s so kind and gentle and is motherly with everyone.”

Jason Chase scratches his head and says , “oh.”

“Tell her that I’m her nephew, Thomas . Thomas Samson. Lisa’s son. “ TLS whips out his ID card.

“No need for that. Please have a seat I’ll go and see if she knows a Thomas.” The lady points to a sitting area in the corner.   

TLS and Chase head over to sit down as the lady pushes a button on her phone and begins talking inaudibly.

“So you’re not doing this tournament?. High Octane Wrestling?”. Chase whips out his phone and googles high octane wrestling.  

“I don’t know. I feel like I got duped into joining that tournament. Seems like it’s pointless to go somewhere new, a hostile environment and win them over.” TLS checks the time on clock.

“Geez, these guys are full of themselves.” Chase scrolls through some of the roster pages. “The Stranger. Hahaha, this is so dumb.” Chase chuckles. “Doesn’t matter if you call yourself the Lost Soul, the Stranger, you’re still going to be a jackass in someone’s eye. If your body wasn’t all fucked, I’d suggest you work with me. But we all know you can’t really take anymore bumps.”

TLS rubs the back of his neck. “I tried… to quit and live a normal life. But this is all I’ve known.  You see those 65 year old wrestlers in the high school gyms wrestling in front of a crowd of 35 people. That’s probably going to be me.”

“Not unless you win these tournaments.”, Chase doesn’t even sound like he convinced. “ Think about it. You win this OCW tournament, you win the HOW tournament.  That would be your ticket. You have nothing to lose. Your facing some guys I’ve never heard of. Cecilwart Fillingpot and John Spekctor. In the first 2 rounds. Cmon you can beat these guys.”

“Fuck John Specktor”, TLS says, but before  he can finish he is interrupted by the lady.

“Sir? Theresa is in the courtyard.” The lady points towards a door along the far end of the wall. “Um, not you sir. Just the man named Thomas.”

Chase stops in his tracks, a little embarrassed, he pouts and heads back to the sitting area.  


It must be nap time as the courtyard is quiet except for a little old lady wearing a light blue rack suit sitting on a bench by a row of bushes.  She is holding a picture in her hand. TLS notices that her hands have trouble staying still. He sits down beside the old lady. She takes one look at him and tears begin to stream down her face.

She places the picture on her lap and reaches for his face, she runs her finger across the scar on his cheek.

“I was there when this happened. You were still a baby.”

There is a pause as TLS doesn’t know quite what to say. He wasn’t expecting her to be THE Theresa Jamison, now did he expect her to say that she remembers him.

She pulls her hand back and takes old of the picture.

“My sweet Lisa, oh how I miss her.” she begins to sob. “She wasn’t perfect, none of us were. And If I could go back dear, I would have taken you. But I was a young woman and I couldn’t envision myself taking care of a child while trying to work. I blame myself for all the horrible things you’ve had to go through.”

TLS places his hand on hers, “It’s not your fault. The man who killed my mother, did this.”

“He loved your mom. And he loved you to some extent. But something changed in him when you all moved away. I had urged Lisa to come back home but she loved him.”

There is a long silence. Theresa then holds up the photo and pushes it towards TLS.

“I’m pretty sure you are here because you know the truth.”

TLS takes the picture and sees an prom picture dated 1981 the young lady in a pink dress with dark curly brown hair, the young man had long shaggy hair and was wearing a blue 3 piece tux.

Theresa places her hand on TLS’ shoulder. “His name was Jimmy Willis. When he found out Lisa was pregnant, he left town. We never heard from him…. Thomas had just graduated from Indiana University, they met at a party. Thomas promised he would take care of her.”  Theresa begins to sob hysterically as an orderly appears out of nowhere, as if he were hiding in the bushes.

TLS is startled by the young african american man in blue scrubs. Theresa lifts her hand as the orderly grabs it and helps her up. Theresa kisses TLS on the forehead. “There’s really no point in searching for something that doesn’t want to be found.”

The orderly quickly escorts Theresa away. TLS didn’t get a chance to say bye, or thank her. He gives the picture one last look and heads back to find Chase.


The front reception area is quiet as Chase is nowhere in sight and neither is the lady.  TLS pulls out his phone and texts Chase to let him know the he is read. A couple seconds go by and he receives a return text from Chase. “Be right out.”

The door along the left side behind the reception that reads “Staff Only” slowly opens as Chase pokes his head out, he has lipstick marks on his neck and cheek. Chase exits with a huge grin on his face. He is followed out shortly after by the lady.  TLS shakes his head, not disgusted that Chase just banged a middle aged lady in the staff closet of a nursing home. He’s disgusted that Chase banged a lady that looks like Perzag.

Chase puts his arm on TLS, “So next stop High Octane Wrestling?”

TLS rubs his chest, “I guess so.”



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