Find My Frankie

The street of New York City are a wonderful place.  Yes, they may be dirty. Yes, there may be more homeless people then is comfortable.  Yes, if you don’t pay attention you can get run over by a vehicle with no remorse. But you can also walk them and go relatively unnoticed no matter who you are.  Part cause everyone is engrossed in their phones… but part cause when you’re almost never alone. So you try to just shut the world out for some illusion of privacy.  

For Scotty, all it takes for is a black hoodie with his trademark red anarchy symbol on it to partially hide his iconic red dreads.  I mean it worked well enough to get into the OCW arena and lay out Mario Maurako last week on Massacre. So even with a camera following him no one is paying half a note to Scotty as he roams the streets in search of…

“Frankie!  Frankie! Here Frankie, Frankie!” shouts Scotty as takes a drink from his sixteen ounce can of SingleCut’s Heavy Boots of Lead, an imperial stout clocking in at 11% ABV which he is trying to hide in a New York Rangers koozie.

“So it’s no surprise that i didn’t handle the closure of HOW very well.  When you have everything in your life ripped away from you… it’s never easy.  And I cut people out of my life as I went on some crazy benders. Frankie… someone that has been at my side in the wrestling business for well over a decade was one of them.”

At the corner of 7th Ave and West 30th Street Scotty looks over at the sign for They Flying Puck and takes a deep breath as he wants to make his way inside…

“Stay focused Scotty… need to find Frankie or I’m never gonna find him before I have to board my flight to wherever the fuck Lee decides to hold this first even of the Refueled era of HOW.  I mean who can’t even let his talent know where the fuck their heading until right before the show. Answer, Lee Best… and in a way it’s a brilliant curve ball.. Even if it’s annoying as fuck.” Complains Scotty as he starts to head down West 30th as he has an idea.

The camera speeds up as no one cares to see minutes and minutes of Scotty wandering down the street of Manhattan as he turns right onto Broadway and we start to see the classic Flatiron Building in the distance as the camera slows down around the intersection of Broadway and West 25th.

“It was somewhere around 2003 when Dallas Reeves debuted in NGW and he brought Frankie in with him.  Abandoned years prior to that, Dallas took Frankie in and introduced to him a world of pro wrestling that he quickly became enthralled with. When Dallas left NGW, Frankie stayed and it was then that he started hanging out with me more and I haven’t been able to get rid of him since.  From NGW, to Hate, to HOW, to everywhere other stop I have made, he has followed.”

Looking over to his left we see Madison Square Park… the home of the first and second incarnations of Madison Square Garden.  Wishing that one could travel back in time to the late eighteen hundreds and see the former versions of the World’s Most Famous Arena… even if there was likely hockey never took place inside either.  It was MSG number 3 that the Rangers did call home located on Eighth Avenue between 49th and 50th Streets.

“And to Frankie’s credit he has made the most of his career in pro wrestling for someone who has never really been trained as a wrestler.  Shit. He is a HOW Hall of Famer and six time NGW Untamed Champion. Ya, the Untamed Title had zero prestige… don’t worry.” Explains Scotty before the internet world blows up and screams bias at the top of their fingertips for someone like Frankie winning a title in a federation that Scotty used to run.

“But for Frankie winning those titles and being inducted into the HOW Hall of Fame with me were some of the best moments of his life… along when I bought him that 7,541 piece LEGO Millennium Falcon set.  He was pretty fucking psyched about that shit… even if I had to help him build most of it.” Chuckles Scotty as he crosses the West 24th and we see the camera pan around to a certain store that Scotty has been walking too.

The LEGO Store

“So just like Lee Best needed his son Mike Best to be refueled for another era of HOW… I need my son, Frankie with me for another dive into the chaos that his HOW.  While Frankie may be adopt and Mike is the result of Lee sticking his dick into whatever he could. They are the same to me. Frankie is the son I will never have… because let’s be honest… I’m not responsible enough to care for a child.  Frankie is enough and I suck at it most of the time if we are being honest.” Admits Scotty as he pulls the door to the LEGO store open and removes his hoodie as he walks in.

“SCOTTY!!!!!” Yells someone we can all easily guess is Frankie from the back corner of the store as all the employees quickly look over as Frankie bolts across the room.

“Woah!” Responds Scotty as Frankie leaps onto him, giving The Hardcore Artist a huge hug as if he hasn’t seen him a months.  Cause it has actually been months since Frankie has seen him.

“I knew you would find me Scotty!” Exclaims Frankie as he jumps down from Scotty.

“I’ve been searching for you everywhere Frankie” Lies Scotty… unless he means search for him in the bottom of every glass of beer he’s been drinking everywhere.

“I’ve tried calling you over and over… but it kept going to a generic voicemail.  I thought I had forgotten your number.”

He blocked him while blacked out one night.

“I visited the apartment and my key didn’t work, so I thought I had the wrong address.  Even though I was at the NGW Arena. So I was confused how I got the address wrong. But the management crew has let me sleep in one of the office room.  I got all my LEGO set up in there that I’ve been collecting.”

He changed the locks.  Not blacked out… but he didn’t want him fucking shit up as he drank across the world.

“Then I started going to all the bars and breweries that you always go to.  But I didn’t see you at any of them.”

He saw him a few times and hid in the beer coolers doing keg stands with the bartenders.  By the way, chugging 9% ABV DIPAs gets you pretty fucked up quickly.

“I even bought a ticket to one of the Rangers games and got them to put me on the jumbotron hoping that you would see me.”

That was pretty impressive.  I think he even lied to them with some bullshit story about trying to find his lost father.  Ok… I guess that was pretty spot on.

“So you are Scottywood?” Questions one of the LEGO store employees.

“Yeah… that would be me.” Responds Scotty a little hurt that she didn’t know who he was.

“Oh, ok.  He’s been coming here for like three week straight and talks about you all the time.  I just didn’t… well just didn’t think you’d be him.”

“I could have showed you the tattoo across my stomach if ya don’t believe me… but thankfully I had that shit was removed.  I thought the red dreadlocks would suffice enough though. Seems everyone likes to point them out immediately as if I’m not fucking fully aware I have them.” Rants Scotty as the employee awkwardly stands there hoping Scotty isn’t gonna expose himself to try and show some shitty tattoo to her.

“We wouldn’t have had to see any tattoos.  We’re just glad that he had found his father.” Quickly chimes in the worker before she quickly escapes from the two and to the safety of her other coworkers.

“Let me go grabs the LEGO I bought today and we can head back to the apartment and build them.  No play some PS4. No play LEGO Star Wars on the PS4!” Shouts Frankie as he runs off to the back of the LEGO store where they have holding his bags while he was building stuff in the store.

“Ok… maybe I’m a shitty person and a horrible father.  It’s why I know I shouldn’t have kids unlike so many other horrible parents across this country.   Luckily I’m not getting paid to be a parent. Unlike, again, so many other horrible parents. Ok… we’re not gonna get into that shit storm of a debate today.  I’m a fucking wrestler. I’m paid to brutalize others in the fucking ring and I can halfway help take care of someone’s grown up kid who couldn’t handle it. Well then I’ll give myself some fucking credit for that.” Rants Scotty as he tries to make himself feel better and maybe rationalize the horrible treatment of Frankie over his break from wrestling.

Frankie rushes back with his hands full of two bright yellow LEGO bags as Scotty just shakes his head with a smirk knowing that all went on his credit card.  Like everything else Frankie has done over the past months searching for Scotty.

That shit he knew and he left them open intentionally.  See… not a total monster. He knew the kid couldn’t earn any money on his own.

“I got some good news Frankie.  We’re gonna head back to the apartment and pack for a big trip to the return show of HOW where Scotty here is going to start on his road to reclaiming the HOW World title.” Inform Scotty as Frankie drops his two LEGO bags on the floor of the store.

“HOW is coming back?!?  Who’s gonna be the first to feel the wrath of Frankie and Scottywood?” Questions Frankie as his eyes light up like it’s Christmas morning.

“Yep… The machine is alive once again and it is gonna be me versus either old foe Mario Maurako or Graham Cracker… I mean Clauson.” Purposely mistakes with a smirk on his face like he just cracked the best joke in the world.

“I like Graham Crackers with marshmallows and chocolate.” Smiles Frankie as he licks his lips and starting to get hungry.

“S’mores?” Laughs Scotty.

“Yes, I’ll have some more of those!” Responds Frankie as Scotty just shakes his head and changes the subject.

“Well if Graham Cracker gets past Mario you can have a piece of what is left of him after I’ve wiped his lame joke graham cracking ass across the floor of a real wrestling ring.  Not UTA, not FRONTIER, not any of the countless other fucking places you’ve gypsies around too because you couldn’t hack it in any of them.”

Just check out his UTA archived bio to learn more about the home wrestling schooled shit from Ohio.  The same great state that brought us Ryan Faze and Bobbinette Carey. Yes… I can already hear her yelling “Scooter!” from across the internet.

“Easy to crack jokes about my hair Graham.  But trust me, Mike Best has made them all already and none of them have been fucking funny.  How about you focus on Mario… cause you’ll be lucky if you get past him. Then… and only then you should start to think about the monumental task of taking on me.  You might believe your entitled to something being born into a… and I’m gonna use the big fucking air quotes I can when I say the word…. Dynasty. But welcome to HOW… nothing gets handed to you on a silver spoon.  No, we’ll just shove that silver spoon straight up…” Tries to continue Scotty as he is interrupted by the LEGO store employee.

“Excuse me sir.  We’re happy that you have found your son and all.  But if you’re gonna continue to use language like that, we’re gonna have to ask you to take it outside.  This is a family store.” Daringly asks the employee who still has no idea who Scottywood is… and it being New York City… she doesn’t really give a shit.

“Do you know how much money he has spent here over the past like three weeks?  Plus no one comes in here hardly anymore. Everyone is buying shit off Amazon or fucking  So enjoy the free publicity. Because I am going reclaim that HOW Title and not Mario… not Graham Cracker… not Mike Best, Max Kael or even Brian Hollywood are going to stop me.”

“Drop the mic…hael best and let’s get going.  Time for The Frankster to charge up and let Frankiemania run wild on HOW once again!” Shouts Frankie as he picks up his bags and bolts out of The Lego Store as all Scotty can do is shake his head and chase after Frankie so he doesn’t lose him again.

So with that Scotty and Frankie prep to board a flight to… oh ya… we don’t know yet!  We’re gonna make HOW pay for the late booking fees Lee. And if it’s fucking Chicago at the United Center I swear to I’m gonna be pissed.  

But HOW returns and with that the cogs in the mind of Lee Best are turning so that means once again anything goes in the wrestling world.  Stay on your fucking toes people… because now after two eras… we have a lot of shit to try and top.

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