Bed time stories


{We see the Parma heights home of Bobbinette Carey. The White colonial style home with  a black fence in front of it. We go further in and see the spiral stair case and the ones perfectly white house now had pink hand pints on the walls, that appeared to be almost deliberate. The house that was once pristine a modern styled now seems a bit more lived in. The art work on the walls of Bobbinette’s self indulgent images have been replaced by photos of her with a baby and family photos. It is the later evening and we go up the winding spiral stair case towards the master bed room, Instead of heading straight ahead we veer off to the right a soft light shines out of the open room door. We go further into the room we see a pink carriage shaped bed. The bed had a pink sheer canopy over it. The room had Disney princess murals all over it, pink furniture with cabbage patch dolls and different baby dolls and teddy bears. Inside the bed we see Bobbinette Carey and her 2 year old daughter. Bobbinette is cuddled up next to her daughter. Her dark hair with strands of gray is straight instead of its normal curls with a layered cut around the face, Bobbinette is wearing a baggy black T shirt that says “Lactavist” in pink cursive and has a drop of milk hanging off of the T. She has a pair of black leggings and a pair of black socks. Her daughter’s black hair is pulled into pig tails as she wears  a black pink night gown which says “girls rock.” Bobbinette pulls the blanket over her daughter as she tucks her captain marvel build a bear under her arm. Bobbinette has a book in her hand it looks almost like a form of her auto biography. The little girl seems to be listening as Bobbinette reads to her.}


Bobbinette: Once upon a time there was a beautiful queen. She had everything her heart could desire, the adoration of her people, money, fortune and fame.  But she was missing where it mattered the most

Mimi: What mama


~ the girl looks nervously on at herr mother. Bobbinette gives her a reassuring smile In boops the girls nose. The little girl giggles.~


Bobbinette: a true purpose. What was missing was you. Her heir someone to carry on her legacy. The queens heart had been empty. Though to the outside world she had everything she needed someone she could share her life with. She had been unlucky in love. She had been through several heart breaks and worried her heart had turned black. But after time she was blessed with a beautiful baby. And that princess brought the queen more joy than she knew possible. So the queen hid herself away with the princess. She kept the princess safe from the outside world never knowing any harm or .


sadness that was in it.


~Bobbinette pauses as her eyes water. She clears her throat to continue on. The little girl smiles adoringly looking up at her mother.~


Bobbinette: The queen knew that there are bad people out there, and that the world would need the queen. The world had turned into a darker place less bright while the queen and princess hid away. There were false idols and far more narcissists than before. Bad evil men pretending to do right. Using names like the Incredibles.

Mimi: like dash?


Bobbinette: No, like syndrome.


~The little girls large soft brown eyes looked at Bobbinette nervously nodding her head.~


Bobbinette: But the queen was stronger than that. The queen could see through the masks of the pretenders and the liars. The Queen had known how to deal with people like that. SO The queen with a heavy heart knew she had to come back. She knew she needed to clean things up so her little princess had the promise of a better tomorrow.


~The princess sat up and put her two hands on her moms cheeks to look her in the eye.~


Mimi: Mama you be ok?


Bobbinette: Always.


~She says nodding her head then leaning in and giving the little girl a kiss on the forehead. She then kisses the little girls hands folding them into the girls lap.~


Bobbinette:  The Queen knew that once she stepped back into the world it would mean she is fighting for more than just the people. She was fighting for the princess. The queen wanted to make sure that the princess knew that she could be whatever she wanted to. She wanted to make sure that the princess could take up the mantel of the queen one day if she wanted to. The queen wanted to make sure the princess saw the Queen fighting the bad guys. The princess was loved and adored by all who knew her, The princess was strong and her love for the queen made the Queen stronger and ready to take on anyone who would stand against them. The Queen would fight anyone to help show the princess and other girls that girls in wrestling matter. That women’s voices matter. The queen knew undertaking this path again would be a long task but a worthy one because she had the princess depending on her.


~The little girls eyes started to get heavy and close as Bobbinette continued to speak.~


Bobbinette: The queen knew what was important in life. Being able to be a role model for girls like her daughter. The Queen needed to show girls they still mattere and beyond their clothing or showing skin. That women could hang with men even main event programs and they could be just as important as any man. That a woman a giver of life, a person often considered the weaker sex could be the strongest in the world of HOW. The queen may have been gone and away but far from forgotten. Because royalty is passed on through dna and teach princess that she can stand strong and tall and not allow nameless men who are dispensable in HOW a dime a dozen that’s names will be forgotten long after the queen is a senior citizen. Working for Lee Best has taught the queen that a hall of fame legend a former multi time world champion still having to prove her worth. It shows that anyone can be given the opportunity to make their name.  It shows what an amazing employer it is to be given an opportunity for someone with such a title as “Incredible” to take on epicness. That the person has been allowed the privilege to get into the ring with someone who is a legend her against someone who… the queen has no clue about. This could make that mans career, this could also show the queen can still hold her own, over a decade ago with HOW, the time off the time on, the queen still reigns. The Queen still has a reason for what she does for showing people that she is indeed as royal and regal as ever that she hasn’t let the years change what she can do and who she is.


~Bobbinette looks down and kisses her sleeping daughter on the head as she slowly gets out of bed.~


Bobbinette: You are my reasons. You are why I needed to do this. You need a good role model. Not some scantily clad woman who uses sex as her weapon. Instead a role model who uses class who uses her mind and her abilities to succeed in the world. There are too many women out there shaking their asses and proud strippers to gain success instead of working for it. You are why I am determined little girl. You are my legacy my pride. You are what helped the queen.


{She put the book down besides the little girls bed room. She dims the light and closes the door behind her leaving the sleeping girl to rest. Bobbinette walks down the hall to the master bed room. The door opens as Bobbinette heads into her bed room. She grabs a satin wrap and pulls her air around her face and puts the wrap around her head. She ties the back of it to keep her straight hair protected over night. Bobbinette tucks few loose strands of hair up into the wrap before crawling into her own bed, a yawn spreads across her face as she realizes she is more tired than she thought. We leave the home of the Careys ending the evening.}

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