What goes up….. will come down

March 23rd 2019
Warren Dunes State Park

The HOW crewmember takes a drive through some woods on a neatly paved road that winds through to a clearing. He can see to his left are a few newly constructed buildings at the end of the parking lot then sees out to the vast dark blue body of water of Lake Michigan with a grey cloud filled sky meets in the middle. He then proceeds to gaze to the right of him as his eyes widen by the sure sight of a very large sand dune with a few trees growing on top. He can make out people climbing it that look the size no bigger than a quarter near the peak. The sand hill’s name by the locals is Tower Hill.
The man pulls into the middle parking lot and sees a familiar face.

Chris Diamond.

Chris has on a pair of grey Adidas sweatpants and matching hoodie. Oddly enough no visor and barefoot. Diamond waves the car over noticing the HOW logo on the side of the 97 red colored car. As the man exits his car Chris moves over with his hand out.

Diamond: Glad you could make it out for this. I’m super pumped to getting back in the ring for High Octane.

Crew guy: Not a problem Mister Diamond. But why did we have to meet at a beach in the middle of fucking winter?

Chris smiled flashing his pearly whites.

Diamond: Well, I wanted to show the good people, mainly Lee Best, that I’m truly committed to being in the best shape for this contest and that I’ll be putting up a great fight against his own blood Michael Best in round two of the tournament. With that said vikings were rumored to be hard because of their environment. What better way than to to a run up that hill then hit the waters and back again? How about you get that camera rolling.

The man just stared looking puzzled at Diamond as he lifted his iPhone to take video before speaking.

Crew guy: You know that you’ve got a match with Jonny O’Dell first right?

Diamond: O’Dell? Yeah I’ve got his fucking number and its zero. Zero meaning no titles to his name in HOW but not me. Jonny Boy must not realize that I beat David Black for the LSD title before. Honestly a lot of people say that it was just a fluke. But what about when I took Scottywood out for months by slamming his head down on ring post? Things coming back for people yet? Am I jogging your memory at all? Good. Speaking of jogging.

Chris motions the guy to follow him as he heads towards Tower Hill. The HOW member’s eyes widen with a look of confusion as to think he had to follow Diamond up it as well. Just then Chris pulls what looks to be a selfie stick out of the front pocket of the hoodie and snatches the phone.

Crew guy: HEY! Give that back!

Chris sprints up the base of the hill in the sand about thirty feet with his hands fumbling to get the iPhone in the holster of the gripping part of the stick. Once it’s in good and the sound of a panting overweight HOW crew member fades Chris extends it and begins the climb.

Diamond bounces in and out of frame as you see shots of the sand and distant glances of the lake. He clearly hasn’t mastered holding the stick still enough as he runs.

Diamond: O’Dell, you see for every step I take up this hill it symbolizes how I’m going to the top of this bracket. You are mearly a few grains of sand between my feet as I step upon you to move to the next level.

Chris clears another 40 feet of the hill as it begins to gradually get steeper. You can see now that his breathing is being more forced.

Diamond: Frankly I’m still confused on why your old ass is even coming back? I mean what do you have to prove that you haven’t done already? As far as I see it. I’m the Best choice to face off against Mike. You? That match wouldn’t last a fucking minute let alone eight seconds. You’re an easy win as they say. Which coming from me is ironic.

Chris tries to keep his pace but starts to slow down as the hill now shows drift wood and other dead trees near the top on their side as he climbs over them nearly dropping the selfie stick.

Diamond: Whoa, close call there. Anyways, John Boy. Here’s something to consider. Once we get into the ring I won’t be nice, I won’t pull punches, and I won’t go down without a real fight. Cause unlike having a full stomach of badger, I’m hungry. I thirst for real cheers and the sound of a hand hitting the mat three times with me as the victor. It will be good night for your chances at the world title.

Chris gets to the top showing signs of exhaustion but looks out pearing to his accomplishment and flips the camera around. It’s a beautiful scenery looking out to Lake Michigan with the different colors of blue and grey mixing together between the clouds and waves were you could see whitecaps from the wind blowing from a city a crossed the lake that you can barely make out the tallest skyscrapers.


We take in this view only hearing Chris’ voice.

That’s where it’s at everyone. The home of High Octane Wrestling. I can see it from my home state. A picture worthy of a million words and the only one I’m focused on is victory.

Chris flips the camera back to himself as we see skyline and sand with his brown hair moving as if he’s running. More like letting gravity take him down Tower Hill.

Diamond: OH MAN!

heavy breathing.

Diamond: I messed uu oomph.

The next thing we see is a kaleidoscope between sand and sky back to sand and sky then all of a sudden the camera stops fixating almost perfectly down casting on to the dune as we see Diamond rolling and falling not so gracefully down more than a 100 yards to the bottom of the gigantic sand hill.

The HOW crew member is seen checking on Chris then looks up at his iPhone making an over exaggerated sigh as he makes the trek up the hill himself to retrieve it.

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