Face Value

“This was the opportunity I was waiting for.  A chance to feel relevant again.  I know that seems dull and quite, dare I say it, weak.  I’ve never viewed myself as weak or even an afterthought.  Those moments were long past me…days, months and years past me.  Yet those moments creeped back into my life after July 8, 2016, the day I took it all, yet the day it was all taken away from me.  Yet here I stand, an opportunity to get all of that back again and boy do I ever plan on doing just that….by any fucking means necessary!”


Hollywood’s Mansion

Saturday, March 30, 2019

6:00 PM


It was a beautiful day in the Los Angeles area off the grid from most local Los Angeles residents of where Brian Hollywood’s residence was located.  He hated being around other residents.  May it be just your average resident, a famous celebrity, politician, none of that mattered as Hollywood always considered himself better than the rest of them.  Sure he lied like any mindless politician, sure he cheated like any actor or actress who thought they were A-list and able to get away with anything and sure he stole but not like any criminal or informant about to meet bubba in prison before being taken out like the fucking rat that they are.  No, Hollywood wanted to be away from all of them…less he be downtown at Hollywood Enterprises and dealing with the shit storm there but more on that later…


The sun is shining and there’s not a cloud in the sky as Hollywood can be seen sitting on the deck in his backyard, looking content, surprisingly at least for now, sipping on his cup of Jack Daniels.  The outside and backyard area can be seen with no real sound or activity happening.  Hollywood may live away from motherfuckers, but there is, at some instances, moments with background noise of some kind.  Today, however, nothing but peace and quiet.  However, coming from inside Hollywood’s epic mansion, noise can be heard.  A TV playing in the background.  Commentary can be heard and a little applause as well.  The applause picks up and it surely gets Hollywood’s attention who, was drifting off contently in the silence of his own thoughts, turns around and yells into the house.


Brian Hollywood: Hey, what the fuck is going on in there?! You better give me an update to that game Niles!


Niles Omega: There’s nothing really going on in here!  Game just started not that long ago and Texas Tech is up on Gonzaga!  Now will you cool it, your anxiety ain’t gonna help these guys play any better!


Brian Hollywood: Hey, FUCK YOU!  I didn’t have to invite you over to watch the game in the first place!  Besides, it’s March Madness and despite the fact that my bracket is halfly fucked, I’ve got money on this game! 


Hollywood resumes to his nature viewing from his backyard as Niles comes outside with more refreshments as he joins Hollywood in sitting down.


Brian Hollywood: Well finally, took you long enough!  Didn’t think you’d make it out here with how long you were taking inside.


Niles Omega: Well I don’t see you doing anything!  I’m the one who brought over the food!


Brian Hollywood: Yet I’m the one with the alcohol.  Alcohol, plus my house, trumps food.  Therefore, I win…as fucking pathetic as that sounds.  Also your the one who accepted my invitation.  Buck had to work today and can’t make it over until later tonight so I’m stuck with you.


Niles shakes his head in disgusted, but he couldn’t argue Hollywood’s logic, as strange as it was.  Besides, it was something that was out of the norm, which was the norm, as strange as that also sounds.  They’ve been dealing with unusually quiet, non interrupting work at Hollywood Enterprises the last couple years after their last fight with the Men in SUITs failed to make a lasting impact on taking out Hollywood and company.  Then again, nobody wanted to fuck with a mindless fucked Hollywood, as he was mentally unstable after his latest head issues..but those issues seemed to work themselves out as Hollywood fought back to one hundred percent compensation mentally.  It was a victory for Hollywood and co all around and success followed fruitfully.  However, something else was bugging Hollywood as he takes another sip of his jack and sighs.


Brian Hollywood: You know Niles, I haven’t felt complete in quite awhile.


Niles Omega: What do you mean?


Brian Hollywood: You know it’s been two years since I stepped into a ring?  Like an actual wrestling ring?  I’m not talking about those stupid, senseless, boardwalk lite fucks over at 4CW.  I literally walked away from it all.  You’re the only one who really knows about my wrestling career outside of everyone.  I don’t think it would be great marketing, let alone stocks would probably take a big hit at Hollywood Enterprises if anyone found out about about my major business ventures in wrestling.  But honestly it’s where the moneys out, truly.  I may be rich as fuck, but the completion comes with wrestling.  It’s all I’ve ever known and it’s something that I’ve always been good at.  My family wasn’t much of a wrestling family but it’s something that I knew I was born to do at the young age of ten.  But it was in HOW where I found prominence.


Niles Omega: Yea, but don’t you think you should tell the rest of the guys?  I mean, I feel like that would at least be prudent so that they can help you in that venture, should you ever need the help.  Also, it would be better for company morale if there was an honestly factor there.


Brian Hollywood: Again I ask…to what point?  They wouldn’t understand and with everything else we have going on, I just feel like that would be a pointless distraction.  It wouldn’t be good for business.  They are my friends, but I don’t need several people giving me advice on both avenues.  I just think it should stay this way.


Niles sighs but he knew it wasn’t his place to tell the guys about Hollywood’s double life.  Him and Hollywood had been friends for several years and it was Hollywood who brought Niles into his company and hired him into Hollywood Enterprises, a company that Hollywood built up from the ground.  Hollywood’s grandfather started the company but it was a generic company and during Hollywood’s grandfathers life, business looked very different from his generation.  Hollywood turned it into a multi-million dollar company alone, something his grandfather could only dream of achieving during his lifetime.


Hollywood takes another sip of his jack before killing it completely.  He grabs the bottle and pours another half glass before placing the bottle back on the table.  Hollywood takes another drink of it before letting out a small relief in reaction to his drink as he takes everything in.  Hollywood sits in silence for several more minutes as Niles stares at his friend in concern, knowing that there’s something bothering him.  Niles sighs before finally breaking the silence.


Niles Omega: Alright, what the fuck is going on man?!  There always seems to be something else that’s bothering you.  Things may be quiet with Hollywood Enterprises right now, but I know that there’s something else eating away at you.  With you it seems like there’s always that second weight that’s holding you down.  Why can’t you ever be happy?  We’ve been winning right now, life’s good so why not smile about it?


Niles did have a point….I know, surprisingly seeing as how Niles is usually the pesky type and the one who can’t seem to figure shit out.  But even in this moment, Niles concerns do seem to point to wanting answers…


Hollywood stays quiet for awhile looking out into the horizon watching the sun begin to descend in the west.  He sits there, thinking as always, but contemplating.  Hollywood is contemplating on how to take everything back.  Everything that he lost.  There was only one way he could do that.  There was only one way that could put his mind at bay, knowing that there was one thing that could answer the emptiness inside.  He didn’t have to think about it any longer.  Finally, Hollywood addresses that answer.


Brian Hollywood: The truth is Niles, that High Octane Wrestling has reopened its doors.  Finally…after close to 3 years, HOW is opening back up and a tournament has been announced.  I’m happy that I’m in the tournament and that I finally get a chance to regain everything back that I never lost to begin with but lost when those doors closed in July of 2016.  It’s a chance for peace, a chance for clarity and a chance to have everything I’ve always wanted to have all at once.  A balance.  Control and complete dominance.  Do you know what that feels like Niles?  Oh if I could only describe to you how that feels…to have that power in your hands…to have that control over what happens next.  That’s what I had in HOW before they closed their doors.  I will find a way to get all of that back Niles!  I don’t even care what it fucking takes…I will get it ALL back and when I do….I will reign supreme once again!


Niles Omega: God damn man…sounds like a sleeping giant has awoken in you!  I mean, this is a side that I haven’t seen from you.  Whatever you do over there, you must be pretty good at it because you do a very good job at hiding it amongst the rest of us.  But seriously man…this tournament you speak of…I hope you can prepare yourself for it properly because you’ve got to make sure you’re ready for surprises.  There are ALWAYS surprises and I hope you can be ready for when they pop up.


Once again, god damn…Niles was speaking with a brain he just figured out how to use properly.  Niles was right.  Hollywood needed to be prepared for surprises because there’s no doubt there will be surprises in store for the tournament.  Hollywood knew better but he knew that he had to be at his best for when they did pop up.  Whether or not Hollywood was tournament minded ready remains to be seen, seeing as how he’s come out of borderline retirement after nearly three years to wrestle.   There is sure to be ring rust but the way Hollywood’s been acting, it looks as if he’s primed and ready for this tournament and to continue that tread that he never lost along the way.


Hollywood shakes his head at Niles response with a small laugh as if that were immature talk.


Brian Hollywood: Oh come on Niles, don’t you think I’m skilled enough to know that?  Listen man…you’re not a wrestler.  You don’t know how the wrestling world, nor the wrestling mind works but I do appreciate the feedback.  I’ve got this, alright?  But listen, let’s get inside and finish watching that game.  I have a feeling there’s gonna be an upset and that’s going to make me upset because I will owe money if I lose this game!


Niles Omega: Dare I ask who you put your money on?


Brian Hollywood: Gonzaga.  I mean, my bracket is already fucked like I mentioned before, but doesn’t mean I can’t get money off of people! Heh.


Niles Omega: Do I dare ask who you’re trying to take money from?


Brian Hollywood: Meh, some new business client we got earlier this week.  He was confident Texas Tech would win and I was confident he would be wrong.  So just made a random ten thousand dollar bet because why not?  March Madness, might as well get crazy!


Niles Omega: New business client?  I didn’t know we got a new business client this week…


Niles had a reason to be wary but it was something he didn’t immediately put too much thought into as Hollywood just shrugs his shoulders and shoos his hands towards Niles as he starts his walk towards the inside.


Brian Hollywood: Eh, nothing you need to worry about Niles.  All good.  You worry too much…you should probably stop doing that.  Everything’s good!


Hollywood walks away and inside as Niles stay back briefly still contemplating Hollywood’s transaction this week, oddly one he didn’t know about.


Niles Omega: Business Client?….


Niles continues to ponder a bit more before sighing and finally just not giving it an extra thought as he leaves it be and joins Hollywood inside as the sun starts to slowly set further as the scene fades out.



Everyone knows the history of how High Octane Wrestling closed it’s doors back in the summer of 2016.  A lot of people thought it was time for the company to close up shop and end.  It was a good run, they said.  It stood the test of time, they said.  But did it really have to close up when it did?  It seems that time is never on my side…


Time is something that has always seemed to be against me.  But let me tell you what I did with the time that I did have.  I built up my own empire, you know, before the Empire was actually a thing.  Mike Best can try and fight me on that all he wants, but the fact and the truth of the matter is, the Hollywood Empire came LONG before this 3 man band empire…hmm that actually sticks for some reason….it takes 3 guys for an empire?  I did it ALL BY MY MOTHER FUCKING SELF!  But I’ll give props to where props are due.  I’m glad you guys have had your family reunion it suits you.  I always knew Mike and Max were inseparable….not sure how Maurako fits into the equation though….but I digress.  Man that word is growing very popular around here.  Anyways, the time I had to build my empire in High Octane Wrestling was short.  Sure, being apart of the Best Alliance helped, but like Mike Best has recently said…I did it ALL BY MYSELF!  I built HOW into my own image and that image was an image of prosperity and order.  It’s an order I intend to get back now that HOW is back up and running.


But let’s get to what’s really bugging me.  It’s this number two seed I seeminglessly drew for the tournament.  I mean, this is my tournament isn’t it?  Shouldn’t I be the number one seed?  I’ll let that argument be as it is.  No the truth is the old Hollywood probably would have spent a ridiculous amount of time complaining about this but I’m not one for this.  You want to know why?  There’s simply NO time to do it!  If there’s going to be a time limit this time around, I want more time spent to make an impact like I was doing before HOW closed its doors.  I held every single HOW singles championship HOW had to offer at the same fucking time before HOW closed its doors.  There should be no argument just how good I am and what I’ve accomplished since HOW ended.  But this is a new beginning and with new beginnings come opportunities to do it all over again…only much better!  Now that there seems to be a shit ton of HOW Hall of Famers back…that gives me ample opportunity to control the tides once again and actually put some more credible names to my resume…cause let’s be honest…before HOW closed down in 2016…I wrestled the same people and beat the same people time and time again.  I have to evolve and this is the chance I get.  Speaking of chances and Hall of Famers…


I get to await the winner of two HOW Hall of Famers.  Chris Kostoff and Darkwing Duck…err just Darkwing, my bad.  Let’s get dangerous anyway ok?  Anyways, I thought Kostoff was killed off by Mike Best?  Heh, just another example of why an empire couldn’t work for Mike because he can’t finish the jobs he’s supposed to.  Oh well, I mean, it’s good to see Kostoff back but if Mike wants an example of how to finish a job instead of doing the job like we all know he will do in this tournament, since he’s not good at winning at tournaments, than I will have no problem finishing off Kostoff once and for all and give him the rest from HOW that he desperately deserves.  Please I beg you to let me Kostoff.  Just actually getting the chance to finish something that I didn’t start is a prime example of why time is aligning my way this time.  You’ve had a great career Kostoff, a respectable career that I not only respect, but I know can’t replicate.  You and I have danced outside of HOW, but this is inside the only place that matters.  I’ve had a chance at beating you before, and I will achieve that same success here, Kostoff.  If only you knew what I was capable of doing since you’ve been dead…I mean, semi dead, if that’s a thing?


This tournament won’t be a ressurrection for you Kostoff, I will promise you that.  It will be the beginning of the actual end for you.  I’m not really sure how much desire you have to come back, or even try and make a run in this tournament, but it won’t be through me.  However, I hope you enjoy your one win against Darkwing.  I’m sure it will be like going down memory lane for you two.  Enjoy that potential win, that potential feel, Kostoff, because once it’s over, you’ll have to go through me and I promise you that you will not only not get through me, but that your HOW career will officially be over when I get through with you!


As for you Darkwing…are you actually even in this tournament?  I mean, every time you actually attempt at coming back, you never appear.  You may be a HOW Hall of Famer and have accomplished some great feats in High Octane Wrestling but the only thing you’ve successfully accomplished here lately is how to be a proper false advertisement!  That’s all you are now, Duck, is a fucking inconvienent false advertisement and let me tell you, I hate false advertising!


Duck, should you get past Kostoff, I will show you what false advertising really means.  This HOW World Championship Tournament, for you, is nothing but false advertisement!  There will be no opportunity for a championship for you should you face me!  I will not only end you as well I will give you a reason to understand the true meaning of what false advertisement does to a man.  I mean seriously…if I see gas prices for under two dollars a gallon, yet I go pay at the pump and find out that the signs on the outside kiosk sign just hasn’t been changed yet, that’s fucking false advertisement!  There’s no way I’m paying over two dollars if I don’t have to now do I?  Seriously, false advertisements is nothing to be proud of!  You will be expired and an outdated false advertisement should you face me in that ring in the second round.  You can count on that Duck!


This HOW World Championship Tournament has given me a second lease on life.  Despite the fact that I should STILL be your HOW World Champion!  But I digress, that’s simply out of my power to control.  However, what I can control is my destiny and the first step is taking back what I never rightfully lost.  What I was never beaten for and that is the HOW World Championship!  One way or another, time is on my side fully this time and I plan on using it to the best of my abilities and this era will be ALL about yours truly, Mr. Executive himself, Brian Hollywood!  Your RIGHTFUL HOW World Champion!

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