Back From The Dead

[Hmm, I hear breathing. I feel a pulse, I feel blood pumping through veins. Maybe I have been sleeping all this time? Maybe I have been dead all this time? That was one hell of a shot he took, maybe it wasn’t as bad as it sounded? Maybe the sleeping giant is back and maybe, this time….it is time to end it all.]

(Sunshine. Bright sunshine filters into your eyes as the darkness slowly fades away. In the distance you see cars parked on a street, trees swaying back and forth as a breeze cuts through the day.)


Been a bit hasn’t it?


(Walking up and sitting down Kostoff comes into the picture. His bald head glistens with sweat. His skin tanned from the sun. The scars of his prior wars pronounced as he runs his hand over his face. Tilting his head back he lets the sun hit his face. He doesn’t grin, he just lets the sun beat down on his face.)


Kostoff: I guess to start at how or why I didn’t die is the best place? I know that the last time anyone saw me it was when Mike slammed the shovel into my head. The problem was that no one saw him walk off and let me lay there in my own blood. I was left to die, but that didn’t happen did it? I know that the idea of me being alive will leave some pissed off but it be what it be.


Kostoff: Regardless, here we are folks.


(Getting up, he stretches his arms over his head.)


Kostoff: So here we are again huh? HOW. The fed that never dies. The fed that stays open a bit, then fades out. How long are we going to stick this one out huh?


(He smiles into the camera.)


Kostoff: Come on Lee, I know you are watching me. Smile, we got all sorts of unfinished shit to take care of don’t we?


Kostoff: But first up, Darkwing. My old friend. My old enemy. A man who was here in HOW from day one as well. We have seen it all haven’t we Duck? I mean we teamed together. We fought alongside each other. We fought each other in some of the most famous battles HOW was built on.


(His smile fades. His eyes narrow as he looks around.)


Kostoff: It is almost fitting isn’t it? It is almost fitting that on this card you and I face off against each other. A trip down memory lane. Two of the originals going at it, maybe not like it was back in the day. Hell maybe it will be?


Kostoff: Maybe we will steal the show again Duck? Maybe we will be the draw of the night, just like old times.


(He nods his head and laughs.)


Kostoff: Then again, just like old times just doesn’t have that same feel anymore does it? I mean, it would not seem fair if it was like old times. See, guys like us have to reinvent ourselves to keep up. I know, you always talked so highly of yourself but then again you did always like to talk and puff your chest up. I guess we’ll see how it all goes this week.



Kostoff: We will see.


(He begins to walk off and another gust of wind picks up. Looking over his shoulder he smiles.)


Kostoff: Don’t think this is going to be a one and done stop. I came back for one reason and one reason only.


Kostoff: I got some stuff to finish up, put a bow on it all, and then head off. It starts this week


Kostoff: See ya soon…



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