Fraud of the Ring?

80s style video game music is heard playing…..


“Don’t give up! You got this! It ain’t over until the final bell!”


The music continues until a loud thump is heard and the roar of the crowd goes bananas.
















The crowd continues to roar as it slowly fades until there is a short pause…..


“Welcome to the Final Bell with hosts Jason Smart and Ryan Holyfield.”


The words from anonymous radio voice man are heard as the beginning guitar riffs of “Enter Sandman” by Metallica begin to fill the airwaves. As the guitar begins to pick up that is the cue as it lead us into the number one wrestling show on Sirius XM. We go inside the Sirius XM  Studios in San Antonio, and we see the hosts, Jason Smart and Ryan Holyfield chitchatting back and forth with one another while they wait for their signal from the production booth to begin the show. As the music begins to slowly fade, a man in his early to mid twenties begins to countdown from three…..two…..


“And welcome ladies and gentlemen to The Final Bell on Sirius XM radio where we bring you all the exciting news, rumors, gossip and everything in-between from the wrestlers themselves to the ring rats who want their fifteen seconds of fame.”


A man in his early thirties with rusty colored hair with angel kisses all over his baby face wearing blue jeans and a “Scott Woodson is My Dad” t-shirt says into his microphone.


“My name is Jason Smart and my partner in crime is the top heel in the professional radio industry, Ryan Holyfield.”


Jason says as he points to a man in his mid to late twenties wearing a black baseball cap with #HEEL embroidered in white lettering, jeans, and a hilarious t-shirt that reads “Captured the White Whale” with a picture of Big Bifford hanging upside down with a small fish that has Mike Best written on its body in 97 red standing next to it.


“The one and only Heel in the radio industry.”


Ryan retorts.


“If you are new to listening to us you can follow us on all social media platforms and send comments on the Facebook page or on our Twitter accounts. The Final Bell @TheFinalBellSXM, Ryan Holyfield, @TheRealHeelHolyfield, and me, Jason Smart, @JasonSmark. Today, we have a lot to talk about from the world of professional wrestling from contract disputes, to new champions being crowned, and roster shake ups from injuries and pregnancies…….”


As Jason continues his introduction to the show, everyone’s favorite Texan, Scott Stevens makes his way into the studio wearing his typical attire of blue jeans, tennis shoes, and a HOW logo t-shirt. Stevens takes a seat next to the hosts and picks up a pair of headphones off of the wooden desk and places them over his ears and adjusts his microphone and waits to be introduced by the hosts.


“As you all know one of the biggest wrestling companies in the world, HOW, recently announced they are reopening their doors and they are doing so in a big way with a massive twenty-six person tournament to crown a new HOW World Champion.”


Jason informs the listeners as he looks at Stevens to see if he’s ready to go and Stevens gives a thumbs up.


“That’s massive news because when HOW closed up shop three years ago it left a massive hole to be filled in the wrestling industry and some promotions have tried to fill that void left behind.”


“But they all failed worse than Bobby Dean going vegan.”


Ryan says with a chuckle.


“Exactly, and today we get to talk to one of the superstars of HOW competing in the tournament, and that person is none other than former two time HOW world champion, Scott Stevens.”


Jason introduces Stevens and a clapping background track is heard. 


“Welcome to the show Scott, how are you doing today?”


Jason asks the Texan as he brings the microphone close to his lips.


 “I’m doing good fellas. How you guys doing today this lovely afternoon?”


Stevens asks as he looks around the table.




Jason says while Ryan wants to know other things….


“Awesome, because we have behind the scenes access to the inter-workings of HOW and my chance to score Bobbinette Carey’s number.”


Ryan says almost salivating.


“I don’t know about that because you’ll have to ask Lee and more than likely he’ll just tell you to fuck off and as far as Carey’s number goes you need to ask Mario Maurako for that one. When it comes to the MeTooMovement she takes the Triple M on the regular and I heard she takes the Triple P as well and it was EPIC…..or so I heard.”


Stevens says with a chuckle and Ryan huffs in disappointment.


“As the tournament approaches how are you feeling?”


Jason asks as Stevens smiles.


“Anxious. A little nervous as well but more anxious because this isn’t 2012 and I’m not a baby face rookie walking into the unknown. I’m a five year veteran of High Octane Wrestling and I know the expectations are high and the competition I will be facing will be world class and I’m in the best shape of my life and I’m ready to run the gauntlet and become world champion once again.”


Stevens says, but Ryan doesn’t buy it.


“Seems like your typical cookie cutter answer to me or is it because you’re saying that because you’re scared because you know what awaits you?”


Ryan asks but before Stevens can answer Jason changes the question which doesn’t please Ryan.


“Before we get to your match on the card, can you inform us what has been going on with you lately?


Stevens nods as he leans forward in his chair.


“Sure. As most of you know I have been traveling from one promotion to another since HOW closed its doors looking for a place to call home. I’ve competed in 4CW, Wrestle UTA, and even DEFIANCE Wrestling.


Stevens says and Ryan is quick to ask.


“Isn’t competing there sacrilege?”


“Not when they offer you a shit ton of money and if you want to compete against some of the best wrestlers in the world.”


Stevens responds and Ryan is about to retort, but Jason cuts in.


“I think my partner is trying to question your loyalty because wasn’t the old motto, “FUCK DEFIANCE?””


Jason asks as Ryan nods.




Stevens looks that the two hosts with an annoyed look on his face.


“Sure, the motto was, “FUCK DEFIANCE” but there was no HOW anymore when I signed a contract with them and besides the people running the place isn’t the same people when HOW and DEFIANCE were at war with one another. Besides, didn’t HOW just sign Eric Dane to a massive contract?”


Stevens asks and the two hosts get quiet.


“That’s what I thought.”


Stevens says before taking a sip of his water.


“Fair point. Besides trying to find a new wrestling company to call home what else have you been up to?”


Jason asks as Ryan stays quiet.


“When I have some free time I travel here to San Antonio to oversee the development of the trainees at my family’s wrestling school. I’m not going to be wrestling forever and teaching people the ins and outs of this business is something I can do as my career is in its twilight phase.”


“Is there anyone that we should be on the lookout? Anyone at the school that you think is going to be a major player in the future?”


Jason asks and Stevens nods.


“Why yes there is. Two of my family’s school’s most recent graduates are already signed to a couple promotions and have had some success.”


Stevens says and Jason gets intrigued.


“What are their names?”


Jason asks with enthusiasm.


“The recent graduates are my cousin, Bo Stevens, and his good friend, Ted Tebow.”


Stevens says and Ryan doesn’t look too thrilled.


“Sounds like you’re pushing your family through to me.”


Stevens’ annoyance starts to show once more.


“Bo has an advantage because he grew up in a wrestling family and we helped fine tune things he already knew and Ted soaked it up like a sponge so of course they were going to be the first graduates. Ted is a manager and occasional wrestler for Missouri Valley Wrestling were fellow HOW alums Ray McAvay, Dawn McGill, and RAH! call home. Bo is signed to DEFIANCE Wrestling and is a successful tag team wrestler and he’s been there for almost a year.”


Stevens barks back as Jason tries to steer the car back on the path.


“Is there anyone we should be on the lookout in the next few years?”


Jason asks as Scott shakes his head yes.


“Absolutely there is.”


“Tell us about him or her?”


Jason asks as the Texan hypes up his student.


“His name is Andrew Lockhart, and he is a stud. He stands 6’5” and weighs around 270. He’s built like a brick house and he moves around the ring like a cruiserweight. He’s picking up things faster than Ted did and he’s young. We have local promotions that we do business with already calling us wanting to book him for his first match. That’s how in-demand this young man is and he hasn’t even graduated from our facility yet.”


Stevens says as he hypes up his recruit of the future.


“You heard it here first ladies and gentlemen, Andrew Lockhart, is the wrestler that will take the world by storm in the next few years.”


Jason says to the listeners before moving forward.


“Andrew Lockhart may be the future of the business, but let’s talk about the present and your upcoming match against Lindsay Troy.”


Jason says and Stevens calmly complies.




“Lindsay Troy is a legend and Hall of Famer in this business, and how does it feel to face someone of her caliber in the first round of the HOW World Championship tournament?”


Jason asks and Scott takes a moment to gather his thoughts.




Stevens asks and Jason quickly replies.




Stevens leans back in his chair and crosses his arms before smirking a bit.




Ryan seems a little perplexed by the comment.


“That’s your answer?


The HEEL of Radio asks and Stevens shakes his head yes.


“I thought you were going a different route.”


Ryan says and Stevens gives him a side look.


“What? You thought I would look passed her to the others in my bracket?”


Stevens asks and Ryan nods.


“I could because that seems to be what some of the others are doing, but if that person is going to be one and done than why should I?”


Stevens asks as he points to himself.


“This is a marathon not a sprint Ryan. Yes, there is amazing talent in my bracket and I could be talking about them. I could say I’m facing multiple HOW Hall of Famers and former World Champions in the form of Darkwing and Kostoff. I could say I’m facing a young up and coming talent in Joey Conrad who happens to be managed by one of the best HOW has ever produced, the LSD Legend himself, Silent Witness. I could be talking about Princess Madwoman or I could be talking about the man who never lost the world championship and should be the number one overall seed in Brian Hollywood. However, I’m not facing any of them in my first match back now am I?”


“No you’re not.”


“Exactly. I’m facing Lindsay Troy and if I were to overlook her it would be a serious understatement.”


Stevens replies and Jason pipes up.


“She has dominated every company she has been in.”


“She has and that’s why I’m excited about facing her because it’s one of those opponents you can check off the bucket list of dream matches and I’ll be checking off a name I’ve been wanting to face for a very long time. And why wouldn’t anyone want to face Lindsay Troy? They don’t call her the Queen of the Ring for nothing. She has dominated everywhere she has been. DEFIANCE, LoC, PRIME, EPW, PTC, TEAM, NFW, FWO, A1E and now HOW.”


Stevens says with a smile.


“I’m honored to be competing in the same ring of a living legend as herself. I mean who wouldn’t want to test their abilities against a multiple time World Champion and Hall of Famer?”


Stevens asks and Jason begins to list her accolades. 


“In Legacy of Champions she was the Underground Champion. In PRIME, she was a two time Universal and Tag Team Champion as well as the Intense Champion and Hall of Famer. In EPW she was their longest reigning World Champion and she was a Tag Team Champion as well and she was inducted into another Hall of Fame as well. In PTC she was the Unified Champion while in TEAM she was the Champion of Champions. In the original major wrestling promotion, FWO, she was a Tag Team and Hardcore Champ. In A1E she won the Tag Team, Triple Star, Cyber championships. In DEFIANCE she won the Trios championship as well as the FIST of DEFIANCE.”


Jason looks up from his notes and Stevens is shaking his head at everything being said.


“Not only that, but she dominated in a business mostly dominated by men. There have been only a few women in HOW that have dominated like that. HOW has had many people come through especially women and not do a damn thing, but then you have a select few like Lindsay Troy that make a lasting impact. You have Alex Beckman who is the only person I know of in recent memory to never taste defeat inside a HOW ring. You have a former tag champion in Valerie Belmont. You have the former LSD Champion, Dawn McGill and former ICON and Tag Champion, Carmen Jennings. Then you have the ELITE. The women who beat all the odds and dominated at some point in HOW. The first name that jumps to mind is Bobbinette Carey. She not only is a multiple time tag champion and world champion, but she set the standard as being the first and only woman world champion and Hall of Famer. She also has the luxury to call herself a War Games winner as well. Probably the second most dominate woman High Octane Wrestling has seen is Tara Michaels-Davidson. Tara has won virtually every single title that HOW had to offer during the Modern Era. Lastly is Kirsta Lewis. Kirsta is an interesting choice because like Tara she started from the bottom and worked her way to the top, but even though she never won the world title she was in constant contention for it and she has one multiple titles such as the Television, ICON, and Tag Team in her career. Kirsta’s stability and longevity is why she had a more impactful and rememberable career than some of the other women in HOW.”


Stevens says and Jason nods in agreement.


“Which proves why HOW is a tough place to compete in no matter who you are or what gender you are because there have been only a handful of ones that had a memorable career.”


“That is correct Jason.”


Scott replies before a sly grin comes across his face.


“Lindsay’s last major run that I recall was in DEFIANCE Wrestling and she had long and forgetful reign as their top champion.”


Stevens says and the hosts turn quickly to the Texan with a bewildered look.


“What was that?”


Jason asks and Ryan chuckles.


“I was waiting for this….”


“I mean it wasn’t as long as my FIST of DEFIANCE reign but we all can’t be like me.”


Stevens says with a shrug.


“I thought you respected Lindsay…….”


Jason begins to say and Scott cuts him off.


“I do respect her, but how can you call yourself the Queen of the Ring and have never stepped into the top wrestling promotion at the time?”


Stevens asks and Jason and Ryan go silent.


“Maybe she was scared of being shown up and proven to be a fraud, who knows because I know being a big fish in a small pond for a very long time people get complacent and maybe Lindsay didn’t want to challenge herself because she wanted the big payday and padding her resume with more championships while doing half the work. HOW is a different animal and I learned that in a heartbeat when I stepped through the doors of the Best Arena. During my time traveling the Fisher Price Independent League I came across two women who dominated everywhere they went just like Troy has. Those two women went by the names of Chase and Blaise Martelle. The two sisters won multiple championships and inducted into various Hall of Fames, but they never stepped inside of the ring of the top promotions of the time period. How can you call yourself one of the best around when you don’t go to the top wrestling promotion because if you truly wanted to test your skills and claims of being the best it wouldn’t have taken seventeen fucking years to get there.”


Stevens says as he stares daggers into one of the cameras before continuing.


“Take Alex Beckman, she went undefeated in HOW before getting hurt. She was released from her contract and signed with Wrestle UTA where she tore through the roster and became the Prodigy champion and winning a tournament to challenge for the world title. When she got to the big dance she lost and everything started to unravel from there. Maybe Lindsay felt uncertainty in her abilities and played it safe but you can’t play it safe in HOW. If Kirsta played it safe she would still be The Best Alliance’s whore they pass around before every show and fill her up with spooky butter. If Tara played it safe she would still be a dark match filler that went by the name of Jace’s wife. And if Bobbinette played it safe with Mario Maurako she’d still be an anal virgin.”


Stevens says with a chuckle.


“So you’re not taking her seriously?”


Jason asks confused.


“I’m taking her very seriously Jason, but she needs to take me seriously, but more importantly, she needs to take HOW seriously. Lee gave her a fortune to come here and she hasn’t been seen or heard from. This is another payday for her, but to me it’s to show the world the HOW is still the fucking best wrestling promotion in the world even after being absent for three years. I know what to expect competing inside of a HOW ring because I was here day in and day out for five straight years and I’m back for more because this is the place to be. Some will say she has the advantage because she’s been retired and not regularly competing while I’ve been traveling the world and competing. Her body is fresher than mine, but anyone that knows HOW knows that not actively competing will hurt you. Ask Darkwing. Ask Kostoff. Ask Jatt Starr and everyone else that has come back when asked by Lee if they were able to transition smoothly back into competing regularly and that answer would be no.”


Stevens says bluntly as he turns and looks towards the camera as if he is speaking to Lindsay Troy herself.


“Lindsay, you have dominated everyplace you’ve competed in except HOW and that is unfortunate for you because I have. There is only a handful of things I haven’t won in HOW and those few things are the Television and the HOFC championships and being Wrestler of the Year. Lastly, it’s winning a major tournament.”


Stevens says and Jason and Ryan looked shocked by the response.


“You thought I was going to say being voted into the Hall of Fame weren’t you?”


The two hosts nod.


“I would love for that to happen, but I know that it won’t because there are more deserving people than me. I am not Hall of Fame worthy, but I’m world title worthy and after I defeat you Lindsay I’m on my way to become a three time world champion and completing my goal of the illustrious HOW Triple Crown. See you soon toots.”


Stevens says as Jason thanks Scott for coming in.


“Well you heard it ladies and gentlemen. Scott Stevens is looking to defeat Lindsay Troy and take that first step to reclaiming the HOW World Championship. Thanks for coming in.”




Stevens says as the image fades.

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