Throwing his hat into the ring….

...please put a dollar in said hat if you can!

HOWrestling has come to terms with Jonny O’Dell to return to the ring for the upcoming tournament for the World Championship. Jonny was last seen in HOW in 2003 and has fallen on some pretty harsh times since then. was able to talk to secure a few words from Lee about the signing:

“Look I was here in Manchester for the United match on Saturday and I literally tripped over this homeless fuck…..I look down…and lo and behold….its Jonny fucking O’Dell. There was no way I was NOT going to sign him to a deal. He was part of the original HOW stable of wrestlers and I felt like it was the right thing to do……for the brand…..and I guess for him as well”. was also able to catch up with Jonny for a quick quote (?)

‘You want something from me? I know you media cunts. You had me framed for shop lifting a lamb shank a couple of months ago – and I swore the slut at the tills binned my receipt. So if you want a quote for my return to HOW you’re going to have to either buy me a burger, or find me a bed for the night. It’s the beginning of March – and it’s fucking snowing here in Manchester (England). Or even if you have any spare change so I can put the heating on in my car would do.

And delete that video on that video website that you all find hilarious. I’m a human being, with feelings… and IBS.’

So ya…..Jonny O’Dell is returning to High Octane Wrestling and we hope and pray here that with a new contract a new lease on life will bring him to a better place both mentally and physically.

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